Untitled Road Pictures
I appreciate the time-base format of the artist book. Singular, seemingly banal, images can be thoughtfully sequenced and juxtopozed to other images to share a particular experience.

Most of my photography experience had been in-studio to photograph still-lives, so there was a certain amount of freedom just roaming with a 35mm film (and later— digital) slr.

Most of the images for this book and, Back and Forth, were taken during my many cross-country drives with my wife.

What do you do when you find yourself in a loud, rambunctious, creative environment? You document the loud and the fun. You document the quiet. And you document the debauchery. These images were fast, loud, tense, and funny; in a place any person would be lucky to call ‘work.’

I love making artist books because it can be an interdisciplinary. My books usually involve photography with writing. In this instance, I made a book that was purely expressive typography. Each two-page spread conveys a passage from a Jack Kerouac novel. It was my intent to interpret the emotion of each passage and typeset it appropriately.