These images are part of an ongoing series simply titled, Hotels. Within each image is the simple intention to capture the uniqueness of the structure, its lighting, and the calmness or tension each environment presents.

Most images were photographed with a medium-format TLR onto Fuji Provia or Kodak Ektar film. I wished the film matched, but having the TLR means I am shooting what I have loaded at that moment. The negatives are slightly duller, but more capable of holding information in the highlights and shadows. The chromes are brighter, more vibrant. Before digital, commercial shooters shot chrome. It may be moot, as everyone is photographing digitally, but I like the slowness of film.

I employ color film to emphasize the emotion an environment presents. With black and white film, I focus on composition and story. In the age of smartphones and digital cameras, there is significantly less need for film. On the other hand, film feels real. It suggests a certain authenticity to the image (though historically, that has never really been true). The limitations of film also speak qualities makes film unique, memorable.

I photographed with Tri-X early on. Later, while working in San Francisco, I swtiched to TMax 100, so I could shoot 100-speed chrome and bw negatives simultaneously. These days, I prefer TX's visual nuance of grain and contrast.